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Businesses transform when people transform.

You know how it feels when you are in the flow.  Meeting the right people.  Having the right conversations.  Calling the right meetings.  The light you're shining is bright. Consistent.  And that has a ripple effect on everyone around you.

You also know how it feels when you are not.  Seeing things from the same point of view. Reaching for the same options.  Hitting the same number.  Circling around the same conversations.

When you're stuck, how you lead and work with others is impacted.  Same ripple effect. Much different results.  The light is flickering. Dim.  Or completely burned out.

When you get to that uncomfortable point, call me.  I am in the business of disruption. Disruption to old ways so that new solutions can be seen.

When you shine a light, what is dark transforms.

I am a light switch flipper.  Mirror holder-upper.  Revealer of the most empowered version of you, which leads to the most empowered version of everyone around you.

You already have everything you need.  I'm here to help you gain access.  To give your team access.  To show you how to use the light that's already there to shine brighter than ever before.

Someday perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us, and then we’ll need no other light.

I'm the coach.  But you're the expert.

My approach is focused on helping you recognize and leverage your core strengths. Through asking powerful questions, I help you become more of an expert on you. Revealing a more effective version of your innate gifts that ripples through the office and throughout your entire life.  I do that in the following three ways:


One on One Coaching

Cultivate your personal leadership style through 1:1 coaching. Wherever you're leading in work or in life, I'll help you identify your current strengths and development areas,  We'll co-create a plan to ensure the best version of you is showing up with passion and energy for the work you are doing and the life you're living.  Together we'll ensure you are leading from the place that matters...your heart.


Team Coaching

Be confident that your team is clear on the destination and working together to build the road to get there.   For businesses to succeed, teams need to be passionate about their mission and working in the same direction. Perhaps you're just getting started or you've hit some obstacles along your journey. Together we'll dive into what it takes to create a cohesive, highly functioning team that is moving your organization forward with positive momentum.


Customized coaching

Perhaps the way you're working just isn't working.  A high performer seems to have lost their passion, an unresolved office conflict is bringing everybody down, a service issue with your clients continues to repeat itself...whatever it is, it's impacting your business and you need help.  Together we'll dig into the critical issue and then design a creative solution to ensure you are maximizing your greatest asset....your people.

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I believe in people reaching their full potential.

I believe in what is possible when we are safe to explore our challenges fearlessly.

I believe our gifts are even more powerful when shared in a team.

I believe we're not supposed to do this alone.

I'm Kari.  

Fearless disrupter and curator of SHINE.

Before founding Shine, I worked in a business that had just dived headfirst into its largest evolution in its 40+ year history. To say it was an exciting time to be a part of this organization is an understatement.

Every day, I assessed what was needed to help drive this transformation--new departments, new teams, new systems and new processes conflicted with old habits, tenured leadership and long-standing client relationships.

What I learned as a change leader and conscious co-worker is that I am not afraid of uncharted territory.  In fact, I welcome it!  I am not afraid to have the hard conversation. To ask the questions that get to the answers that will truly release new energy.

I learned that kindness is crucial but that kindness does not mean tiptoeing around a situation that needs to be challenged.

I learned I am able to shine the light on what no one else is willing to talk about.

When my time in that work was complete, I realized I had made my own transformation in the process:  The call to do this kind of transforming work with individuals and organizations was the inner voice I could now hear.

Wherever your journey is taking you, your team or your company, I can help to bring clarity and empower you on your path.

The more you share, the more you shine.

I can't wait to meet you, and begin.

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She had a natural ability to create a comfortable space for those around her (including me), which created an atmosphere where people would willingly share their ideas, triumphs and fears openly and without judgment. Her intuition was always spot on, and she brought a positive, fierce energy into the room.
— Steph Knudson, Development Manager
Kari has a passion for coaching people to reach their potential. Her mentorship helped me to further my skills and develop strategies to better serve my clients. I consider her leadership a significant reason for my success.
— Mary Wysopal, Account Director
Having worked alongside very notable and influential executive leaders across various sectors, I’ve learned firsthand what makes a positively impacting and effective leader. Kari McGrath, by their definitions, and many others, is undoubtedly one of them.
— Jill Dudones, Brand Strategist

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